Nutrition And Fastfood

Nutrition And Fastfood
Nutrition And Fastfood

Fast food is convenient but people who have grown up eating it constitutes one of the most overweight unhealthy generations in world history. Rethinking what you buy next time you walk up to the counter
calories and carbohydrates
A typical fast food breakfast provides half the daily limit in calories ;. Large sandwiches weigh in at up to 1 300 calories and sugary drinks them wash down with more. Sandwich carbohydrates varies from 25 to over 100 grams (1.5 to almost 7 carburetor” for those counting).
Burgers contain as much as 96 grams creamy salad dressings up to 42 grams and with a fish sandwich contains 62 gram a full day’s worth of fat. Great combination salads contain as much fat as hamburgers.
Deluxe “combo” salads and children’s fried chicken pieces up to 2 200 milligrams of salt — more than one day left of sodium for the average adult. Countertop sauces contain high levels of sodium too.
Calories from fat
Nutritionists recommend no more than 10 percent of calories in food come from fat a fried chicken salad contains 69 per cent biscuits gravy and hash brown breakfast is 54 percent fat
. cholesterol
Fast food contains artery-clogging cholesterol along with proteins . nearly half of the allowable intake for a 2 000-calorie diet in some appetizers
Hope for Sudden
patronize restaurants that offer low-fat sandwiches small salads and grilled or broiled food. Request lettuce and tomato on sandwiches instead of cheese or bacon for a healthier meal.”