How To Keep Losing Weight During The Holidays

How To Keep Losing Weight During The Holidays
How To Keep Losing Weight During The Holidays

Losing weight is difficult for most everyone especially during the holidays but here are some tips that may help. . .
You need:.
You must have a desire to lose weight and some discipline Mobiles.

– 1 –
One of the best tips I’ve learned about losing weight that works is to eat slowly.” When you eat slowly you have food more and when you slow down you will feel fuller and do not want to eat so much. It works . . . Try it
When you want something with sugar in it think of a substitue – !. Like raisins or a banana. Also plan for these cravings for they will happen. In addition when cravings occur wait them out and when you do this successfully praise yourself or just be glad that you got through it successfully!

– 3 –
Choose a food plan that you can live with. Be sure that the plan has fruits and vegetables some carbohydrates and lean meats if you prefer. Be flexible and make sure the portions are small.

– 4 –
Be aware of what you “trigger foods” is. This is food that comes into your life when you are stressed-for example chocolate nuts cakes and so on. Trigger foods occurs when someone says something to you that is upsetting when you have too much to do or when you are simply tired. Understand that these events will happen because they happen to everyone and make a plan for when they happen for example substituing vegetables or fruit instead of calorie foods.

– 5 –
Tell your family that you will be more careful with your diet and ask their support. They will find out whether your diet so why not tell them. Make sure they understand how important diet is for you that you want to change how and when you eat.
understand this you have the power within you to stay on this diet. You have a choice when it comes to everything in life. Also understand that sometimes you will waver with this choice and it’s alright. It will happen. However when it does get right back on your diet and not feel bad about it because you can do it!

Tips and Warnings

Dieting is tough for everyone but to eat less and feel better can be done and in a successful and healthy way.
This is a disclaimer. I am not a dietician I’m just a person who wants to help others lose weight. I also suffer as many people to lose weight but I lose weight £ 1 a time. Check with your doctor first to lose weight and start walking a little at a time and then gradually increase the time. I’ve found that walking helps greatly in losing weight and keeping it off.”