How To Eat Healthy And Still Eat Meat

How To Eat Healthy And Still Eat Meat
How To Eat Healthy And Still Eat Meat

There are many options out there that offer you protein sources other than meat. Soy tofu legumes fruits can vegetables and dairy products give you all the protein you need for a healthy diet. But what if you do not want to give up meat you love? Just because there are other options for protein does not mean you can not get the meat and eat it too. Here’s how to maintain a healthy diet and not give up meat you crave
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White is right. That is not to say that dark meat does not have its place on your plate but to be truly healthy when choosing meat go for light or white meat first. Chicken pork and turkey is your absolute best options for lean protein-rich food.

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No-fry zone. Although yummy roasting meat does nothing but add fat to a meal. Oil or butter to fry it in not just add flavor but also tons of fat calories for your heart and arteries do not need. Bake meat or broil it. In summer throw it on the grill.

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Red is not white. Who does not love a good chicken Alfredo? Unfortunately Alfredo sauce is not referred to as “heart attack on a plate” for nothing. This buttery cheesy sauce can kill the health benefits of some leather boneless chicken breast or pork with a few tablespoons. Try a nice marinara sauce with chicken and enhance it with some fat free mozzarella.

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Lean and mean. Do you love red meat? It’s fine as long as you keep it down to one or maybe two meals a week from the cow. Buy the leanest cuts of beef you can find and if you buy hamburger go for the 93% or higher lean meat. To season it similarly for meat pudding or hamburgers and cut out as much of the fat as possible.

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Portion control 101. A portion of meat is the size of a deck. This section provides plenty of protein for your muscles to use. Keep portions to 1 or 1 1/2 per meal. Your plate should be half vegetables one quarter meat and 1/4 starch to keep the right heart-healthy balance.

Tips and Warnings

Fish is a great alternative to meat. Try tilapia or swordfish on the grill with lemon and butter.”