How To Stick To Your Diet On Applebee’s

How To Stick To Your Diet On Applebee’s
How To Stick To Your Diet On Applebee’s

Eating out when you are on a diet can be difficult and it becomes even more difficult when dealing with a restaurant Applebee’s. Applebee’s refusal to release their nutritional information on their website in fact they only give it out if compelled by law. So if you try to stick to your diet and must eat at Applebee’s and then use this handy guide to stay on track

– 1 –
Send an email to Applebee’s let them know that you appreciate their secrecy about the calorie content of their dishes. There is no reason for a restaurant to hide information that affects public health unless they have something to be ashamed of when it comes to these numbers.

– 2 –
As far as drinks go the only thing you can count on Applebee’s is diet soda coffee and hot tea. Their iced tea is flavored and with no way to know how much sugar in them they can not fit into a healthy diet.

– 3 –
All Applebee’s appetizers are either fried or loaded with cheese. If you must have an appetizer go with cheeseburger sliders. They are not exactly healthy but at least you get some protein and they are not fried.

– 4 –
The salads actually looks pretty good as long as you do not get one with fried chicken on it. I would recommend that you bring your own dressing but or at least ask for their dressing on the side so you can control how much you spend. It appears that they make their own dressing and since they will not tell us what’s in it it should be avoided.

– 5 –
When it comes to the main course the beef is almost always a safe bet. It’s real food a good source of protein and you just do not need to add much to it to make it flavorful. Avoid beef which is choked” with something themselves especially those with pictures of gooey cheese over the meat. Other than that avoid anything fried although it has some weight watchers symbol next. Unless you are on Weight Watchers these symbols are meaningless.
As for the sides again avoid all suffocated. Items such as steamed vegetables or grilled shrimp should be good.
If you eat with the least be aware that chips can be replaced with steamed broccoli applesauce or celery sticks with ranch dressing.
Make dessert this time. Usually I can at least suggest one of the better desserts but Applebee’s believes that you do not have a right to know what you put into your body so unfortunately it’s just not possible to make an educated decision on this matter.”