How To Find Reasons Why You Can Not Lose Weight

How To Find Reasons Why You Can Not Lose Weight
How To Find Reasons Why You Can Not Lose Weight

So many people join weight loss clinics and become the latest fad diet hoping to shed pounds that keep increasing year after year. While the food plays a great deal toward weight gain the other roads are rarely addressed and that also lead to weight gain
You need:. .
A journal to record all the food you eat every day now! A thorough analysis of your current lifestyle.
Knowledge of your past history so you can eliminate hereditary factors.

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If you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to know principle factor that causes you to get the pounds. It’s not just a matter of eating less count calories or switch over to a high fiber diet. They all do work but there are other areas that are often overlooked. When you know the real reason you can address the problem effectively.

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Food is the first thing we look at as the cause of that spare tire. If food is causing the condition you should look at how much you eat and what you eat. It’s a given that if you eat more calories than you burn off you will gain weight. It is also true that the wrong foods leads to weight gain. If you eat a high carbohydrate diet of processed and refined foods and then eliminate them may be all you need to shed pounds.

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Your habits have a lot to do with gaining weight. Skipping breakfast is one of the reasons that many gain weight. The lack of sleep has been shown to increase weight in people who do not get enough rest. Eating on the run is enough a habit developed by many people. Time is necessary for proper digestion. But gulping down food while rushing around is sure to cause many of gastrointestinal disorders we see today. In the old days had dinner one of the most important family events of that day an opportunity for individual members to speak and renew family ties. Eating was done in a stress-free environment and very few experienced acid reflux constipation or flatulence.

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Unfortunately many people only eat at the wrong time. They eat right before going to bed. This ensures a sleepless night. Eating should cease at least three hours before bedtime. Snacking is a habit that contributes to weight gain. Chips soda and chocolate do little more than add to the fat you do not need. If you must snack have a fruit or snacking on nuts like almonds and walnuts are far healthier options. Rather than drinking as late night coffee drink a calming tea like chamomile and peppermint.

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Weight gain is a symptom that your body is not able to do the proper job for elimination. This is mainly due to lack of essential vitamins and minerals that are often lacking in the food being eaten. Although the store bought vegetables lack nutrients that they come from commercial farms where the soil is depleted from over agriculture. This makes it necessary to supplement by adding the vitamins and minerals your body lacks so that it can effectively increase metabolism and reduce fat stores.

Tips and Warnings

Your journal will find the areas that are most responsible for weight gain. If the food you eat is natural and healthy then your weight gain is due to other factors.
Weight gain is not always due to food. You must look at all areas that contribute to weight gain.
Fasting is often beneficial to many people as it helps with weight loss and detoxifies the body.
Getting on an application may be more harmful to your health and your wallet if you do not treat the real reason for weight gain.