Fish Oil Benefits And Drawbacks

Fish Oil Benefits And Drawbacks
Fish Oil Benefits And Drawbacks

Fish oil supplements are made from the tissues of oily cold-water fish such as mackerel salmon and tuna. The benefits derived from fish oil is from their content of omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentanoic (EPA) and docosahexanoic (DHA). EPA and DHA are called essential fatty acids because they must be included in our diet. Consumption of fish oil has many benefits but is not risk free
Cardiovascular Health
Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial. heart disease they reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease by preventing blood platelets from clumping together and lowering blood pressure. The essential fatty acids in fish oil lower bad LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol good. Fish oil reduces triglyceride levels in the blood and are effective in improving circulation. The American Heart Association recommends consuming two servings per week of fish for heart disease.
Heavy Metals
Concerns have been growing about the safety of fish oil consumption due to increased incidence of methylmercury in fish. Larger fish such as mackerel contains large amounts of mercury because they eat smaller fish. Other heavy metals that may be present in fish lead nickel arsenic and cadmium. Ingestion of oil from contaminated fish can cause poisoning.
Skin eyes and hair
Consumption of fish oil is an excellent way to hydrate the skin. It prevents dryness and eases itching of conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Fish oil also reduces acne outbreaks by suppressing androgen formation. DHA protects the retina of the eye from macular degeneration. Retinal cells are exposed to harmful influences such as sunlight throughout life which leads to decreased levels of DHA. Taking fish oil supplements this loss. Fish oil hydrates also hair leading to more lustrous locks.
side Effects
Not surprisingly the fish oil taste a little fishy. But there are not many less side effects associated with contaminated fish oil unless you are hiring doses over 12 grams per day. Minor side effects include nosebleeds gastrointestinal disorder and bruises. There is a small risk of vitamin overdose when taking cod liver oil particularly cod liver oil because of its high vitamin content vitamins especially A and D.
Fish oil naturally thins the blood which is beneficial for heart health but if you are taking prescription blood thinner there is potential for a fall in blood pressure or uncontrolled bleeding.
Mental health
Fish oil is used to treat depression bipolar disorder anxiety and schizophrenia under the care of a doctor. The high content of fatty acids have mood stabilizing properties. In regions where a large amount of fish is consumed there is a very low incidence of depression. The Alzheimer’s Association recommends eating fish to protect against dementia.