Side Effects Of Too Much Probiotics

Side Effects Of Too Much Probiotics
Side Effects Of Too Much Probiotics

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine probiotics are live microorganisms such as bacteria that may be beneficial to humans when orally consumed. Probiotics found in supplement form and can also be found in foods such as yogurt juice or cereal. Like all supplements if probiotics are taken in very high doses they can cause side effects
Probiotics can improve the health of the intestinal system by adding good bacteria. Probiotics can also enhance a person’s immune system.
Digestive Side Effects
When taken in large quantities probiotics may have some mild digestive side effects. These side effects include gas and bloating.
infection risk
Anyone consuming probiotics are introducing bacteria into his system so there is a small risk of infection. People with compromised immune systems are most at risk of developing an infection caused by ingestion of large amounts of probiotics.
Immune System Effects
Probiotics in moderate doses may help the immune system work well. When taken excessively probiotics may cause the immune system is too active and kill good cells along with the bad.
drug Interactions
Probiotics taken in excess can interfere with certain medications. An individual taking any medications should talk to their doctor before taking probiotics.