How To Maintain Or Even Lose Weight During The Holiday Season

How To Maintain Or Even Lose Weight During The Holiday Season
How To Maintain Or Even Lose Weight During The Holiday Season

Over the past three weeks I have lost eleven pounds even through Thanksgiving holiday weekend. You will learn to eat healthily for weight loss you can keep your weight and even lose weight while enjoying this season with friends and family
You need:.
A serious commitment and plan to manage your weight while enjoying your holiday.
a journal to plan eating healthy travel and meals.
healthy food in the house as fresh fruit raw vegetables grains nuts and legumes.

– 1 –
Prepare with prayer commitment planning and Journaling.
Prayer is the key to achievement. With God leading and guiding you healthy eating plan will be focused you will be committed and you will allow him to refer you. Commit to the goal of healthy eating. Plan what to eat daily and making sure that you have these things in your home and be prepared to take healthy snacks with you. Finally you should record every day. Your journal should contain: your weigh in on the day you start with regular updates your goals what you eat and drink every day and what you actually eat every day.

– 2 –
Eat early eat often Eat Light Eat healthy.
To succeed we need not indulge over at any meal. We also need to give your body time to digest each meal after we eat. Finally we want to maintain a high metabolism. These are all carried out by eating small portions five to six times a day. The meals are breakfast (very important) morning snack lunch afternoon snack dinner supper.

– 3 –
Drinking plenty of water.
Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water juice or herbal tea per day. Drink before each meal and snack. Water has no calories and is the only drink we need. Water fills us up and increases our metabolism. However if you have a hard time drinking plain water add lemon drink fruit juice and herbal or tea (with little or no sugar).

– 4 –
As we move with friends and family remember your healthy diet for weight reduction objectives and eat easy to avoid eating too much at one sitting eating too much meat bread or heavy starch elements. You can achieve this by using a smaller plate choose healthy fruits and vegetables as snacks and remember to drink as much water as you can.

Tips and Warnings

Remember Your Healthy Eating for weight loss goals.
Eat breakfast.
Drink Plenty of Water.
Eat smaller portions.
Choose healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables.
Limit meat bread and heavy starch foods.
Limit alcohol.
Share your goals with an accountability buddy.
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If you eat healthy you can actually lose weight be more energetic and has a natural fun.