Diet To Lower Uric Acid Levels

Diet To Lower Uric Acid Levels
Diet To Lower Uric Acid Levels

Adjusting your diet can help you avoid gout pain and medication. Gout attacks occur when blood uric acid crystallizes in the joints. This occurs when uric acid in the blood is too high either because the body can not get rid of it through urine or that you eat foods high in purines which are usually foods high in protein. Your diet can help adjust purines so less uric acid forms in the system
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Make It Low Purine
Choose low-purine foods to eat as much as possible. For example limiting meat fish and poultry and instead draw more of protein from low-purine foods such as eggs tofu and low-fat dairy products. Other high-purine foods include beer alcoholic beverages anchovies herring yeast organ meats legumes sauces mushrooms spinach asparagus and cauliflower.
Drink more liquids
Limit alcohol consumption especially beer. However you should increase the total fluid intake as much as you can. The more you drink the more you will urinate and the more uric acid you want to remove even if it is just a little bit each time.
Vegetables and fruits
As with any healthy diet fruits and vegetables plays a role. Green leafy vegetables (lettuce cabbage broccoli) are recommended for gout sufferers. Other vegetables that can help keep gout attacks include carrots beets cucumbers and string beans. Apples bananas and grapes are fruits that will help you keep your uric acid levels low.
Strawberries and Cherries
strawberries and cherries will help you avoid getting a gout attack. Strawberries neutralize uric acid and cherries help reduce uric acid levels. The fruits also provide valuable vitamins and minerals to help you maintain good health.