Contour Ab Belt Facts

Contour Ab Belt Facts
Contour Ab Belt Facts

The Contour Ab Belt is an exercise device sold via TV infomercials. The manufacturer claims that only by having it around your waist and carries no extra training it will reduce the size of the waist. The manufacturer also claims that it was developed by Swiss medical professionals and is used throughout Europe but there is no direct evidence to support this assertion
The theory behind the Contour Ab Belt is that the electrical impulses put forward by the device when it is worn around the waist will cause the muscles to contract on their own which will strengthen your abdominal muscles through repetitive movements like you were constantly bending them. The more exercise” is repeated the stronger the muscles become.
positive effects
The belt will strengthen your abdominal muscles over time. According Idea Marketers website it has been used with success in the health care profession to help patients get injured abdominal muscles. There are also no reported concerns about the safety of the device.
Reduce Waist Size
While Contour Ab Belt can strengthen your abdominal muscles there is no concrete evidence that it will reduce waist size. Exercise is only part of an abdominal program. To lose fat a proper diet that is low in fat must also be followed and aerobic exercise must be included. Otherwise could strengthen muscles actually serves to make the waistline increase in size.
Customer reaction to the product runs the gamut from criticisms to complete dissatisfaction. The My Diet Area website gives it a four-star ranking of a possible five but also suggest looking at other belts before buying. Diet Spotlight came to the conclusion that the belt is only effective for those who are already in good physical shape.
Regular use of Contour Ab Belt will serve to define the abs but will not work as well as a combination of diet and exercise when it comes to reduce waist size. In addition the cost of the unit be prohibitive for many people.”