How To Avoid Eating Foods That Keep You Awake

How To Avoid Eating Foods That Keep You Awake
How To Avoid Eating Foods That Keep You Awake

We all want to get a good night of sleep but the problem is that sometimes we eat food that keeps us awake at night without even knowing that it is the food. Sometimes the best way to get a good night of rest and sleep is to change our eating habits and avoiding foods that keep us awake at night. This is sometimes an attempt by trial and error but your body will thank you when you get a full night’s sleep and feeling refreshed later

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Pay attention to the way your body responds to what you eat. Every person is different so some foods will make you feel tired that would have the same effect on other people. For example the claim that warm milk or tea helps people sleep. For some drinking warm milk or chamomile tea cause drowsiness but it is not affective for everyone.

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Avoid foods that give you heartburn before bed! Any food that makes you feel uncomfortable when you eat it causing heartburn or other annoying side effect it will keep you awake and that means you not only have to deal with discomfort but you have to deal with a long night of insomnia .

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Avoid foods that contain caffeine. While it is true that some people can drink a cup of coffee before bedtime without it leading to insomnia everyone is different and unless you know your body’s reaction will not be one of forced wakefulness it is better to avoid drinking or foods has caffeine.

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Stay away from foods that do not make you feel full for a long time before bedtime. One of the easiest ways to wake up at night to feel hungry. The discomfort by a growling stomach that requires you to eat something can cause you to wake up at night. This means that these foods such as apples should be avoided directly before bed in favor of something a little more filling an hour before you go to sleep.

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Be careful not to drink too much fluid before bedtime. Although it may be true that many of us a glass of water or a cup of tea before going to sleep if you drink too much you will be waking every hour to use the bathroom. Notice how much you drink so you do not wake up at all times and try to stop drinking anything at least an hour before going to bed.