Sources Of Carnosine

Sources Of Carnosine
Sources Of Carnosine

Carnosine is a peptide found in high concentrations in body tissues such as the heart and brain. Because of its important role as an antioxidant it is a highly desirable nutrient found in both artificial and natural sources
Dietary Sources
diet sources of carnosine include high-protein meats like poultry fish pork and beef. Lower concentrations of carnosine found in other protein-rich foods such as eggs and milk.
vegetarian Diets
Those vegetarian and vegan diet risk to develop a deficiency in carnosine levels. Carnosine levels naturally decrease with age but early deficiencies can cause decreased muscle tone and cardiac function.
Supplements containing both carnosine and L-Carnosine is typically inexpensive. The usual dose recommendation is 100 to 300 mg daily.
side Effects
High levels of carnosine is not toxic but not recommended. Muscle twitching is a side effect with doses above 600 mg.
Eye Drops
Researchers Mark Babizhayev Russia has successfully used carnosine eye drops to treat cataracts. However the type of carnosine a special type called N-alpha acetylcarnosine or NAC.
A typical diet supplies the required amount of carnosine for most people. Only those who follow a vegetarian diet or who are over 40 should consider carnosine supplements.