Thus: Figure: Calories Vs. Walk It Off

Thus: Figure: Calories Vs. Walk It Off
Thus: Figure: Calories Vs. Walk It Off

I’ve always been healthy with good genes. Been jogging / walking for over 50 years 7 days a week and still weigh only a few pounds more than when I was in college a long time ago. But I’ve read food labels lately. . . . you know calories. . such things. And what would you need to do to even things out. Hope you’re sitting down
do you need:
Water pills (diurex etc.

– 1 –
10 calorie things :. . 1 Jell-0 snack cup 2 strawberries 2 pieces Honey Nut Shredded Wheat 1 Graham Cracker 3 watermelon balls. These require a 2.5 minute walk. 25 calorie thing: 1:10 ounce cucumber 6 mushrooms 5 Cheez-It crackers one tblspoon pork fried rice 1 cup cauliflower. These require a 6.6 minute walk
50 calorie things :. . 3 tblespoons ketchup one tblspoon grape jelly 1 Fig Newton cookie one Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie a big slice of pizza with all the trimmings. These require a 13-minute walk. 100 calorie things: 1 tblespoon mayo 2 tblespoon vinaigrette dressing an ounce brie cheese 1 ear corn an aubergine a cup cranberries 1/2 cup cooked brown rice a pan-fried dumpling. These require a 26 minutes walk
150 calorie things :. . 3 slices of salami 2 tblespoons Ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing 2 slices of bacon 4 grams halibut 9 garlic / parmesan chips. These require a 40 minute walk. 200 calorie thing: 2 sausages / no bun 3 eggs 1 glass of Pina Colada 1-16 ounce Iced Caffe ‘Mocha without the whipped cream. You need a 52 minutes of walk to get even
250 calorie things :. . 1 cup cake 1 slice of cheesecake two chocolate pretzels
1 cup clam chowder 4 tblespoons macaroni salad. 65 minute walk for
300 calorie things :. 2 avocado’s 5 grams of coleslaw 4 grams of broccoli and cheddar quiche half Panera Bread Chicken Salad. 77 minutes on the trail

Tips and Warnings

These training versus calorie equivalents are based on average walk for a man who weighs about 156 pounds and a woman of 120 pounds.
Getting exercise is as important as drinking water. Keeping your weight down involves a walking program at least four times a week. Remember a 30 minute medium brisk walking is good for your body. 60 minutes is good for the soul.
If you are overweight or in a serious crash” diet you should check with a doctor before heading out for an hour’s ride. . . . . especially in the heat.”