How To Plan Menus On The South Beach Diet

How To Plan Menus On The South Beach Diet
How To Plan Menus On The South Beach Diet

The basic idea behind the South Beach Diet is limiting sugars and carbohydrates and eliminate special bad” carbohydrates to overcome insulin resistance and promote better metabolism. The diet has three phases with different menus for each but the basic rules remain the same for all phases. Follow these steps to set up menus for weight loss and improve metabolism

– 1 –
Eat normal size servings of beef poultry fish lamb pork shellfish tofu eggs and low-fat cheese but avoid fatty meats organ meats and Honeybaked ham.

– 2 –
Plan regular snacks of vegetables nuts cheese sticks cottage cheese hummus and sugar-free items including gelatin candy popsicles and gum.
. 3
Eliminate carrots beets corn potatoes yams all fruits and fruit juices in Phase 1 also all breads cereals rice pasta all dairy products beer or alcohol and refined flour or sugar of any kind during Phase 1.

– 4 –
Fill up on generous helpings of fresh vegetables and vegetables of all kinds except carrots corn and potatoes during Phase 1 which lasts at least two weeks.

– 5 –
Use healthy fats such as olive oil canola oil peanut oil non-stick cooking spray and other unsaturated fats but not trans-fatty acids such as margarine and cured abbreviation.
reintroduce gradually fruits whole grain breads pasta rice and corn and sweet potatoes for Phase 2 of the diet. Stay on Phase 2 until you reach your ideal weight.

Tips and Warnings

Anything that slows digestion such as whole grains and fiber will help weight loss.
Try to eliminate refined white sugar and flour entirely from your diet.
Consult your primary care physician before starting any weight loss program.”