How To Not To Gain Weight During The Holidays

How To Not To Gain Weight During The Holidays
How To Not To Gain Weight During The Holidays

Have you noticed a pattern where every year you make the same New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get in shape? Is this partly because again with holiday came a few extra pounds? Here are some reasonable steps you can take to not gain that extra weight for years
You need:. .
Bathroom scale.

– 1 –
Decide that you are serious about this and put your mind to it. You will only succeed if you truly want.

– 2 –
When you decide to do this weigh yourself. Do this first thing in the morning without clothes on. In this way you will get your lowest weight of the day. If you need to write down your weight. Your goal is to keep this weight.

– 3 –
Every morning when you get up weigh yourself. This helps you monitor your weight. If you look at the numbers on the scale going up to take immediate action and make wiser choices that day by eating less or less fattening foods. Skip desert or at least eat less of it.

– 4 –
Examine your eating habits. Finding things to cut out on days that you have something special to go to that involves some form of eating. If there is an office Christmas party in the afternoon skip the mocha and donut treat tomorrow.

– 5 –
Percentage control is very important. If you are really looking fudge not torture yourself by saying no just allow yourself a small amount to satisfy your craving but be careful not to over-indulge.
Drinks usually contain unnecessary and empty calories. Try to drink water instead of soda. Juice is good for you but also adds to your calorie intake. Water is good for your skin and has no calories. Try squeezing a lemon in it for extra flavor. Also skip alcohol. These type beverages emphasize fast!
Evaluate what you eat and make wise choices. If you know you are going to a dinner party with friends try having a salad with light (low-cal) dressing for lunch.
Chances are that at the dinner party there will be lots of tasty temptations that are quite fattening. You do not have to avoid them just use moderation and wisdom. Take small portions and eat slowly.
Always use moderation when eating. Do not eat your fill. Recognize when you’ve hit that just the right place and do not eat any more no matter how tempting the mashed potatoes and gravy is.
Do not eat late at night. Try to eat your evening meal earlier in the evening so that the body gets time to begin to digest it before going to bed. If you need a snack before bedtime make it something easy such as vegetables or fruit. And again portion control! Make it just a small amount not another meal.
Try adding extra practice wherever you can. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. At lunch break take a trip. Do not try for the nearest parking space when making your Christmas shopping. All the little things add up and help burn calories.