Body Cleanse For Weight Loss

Body Cleanse For Weight Loss
Body Cleanse For Weight Loss

More and more people find it hard to beat the battle of the bulge so they resort to body cleaner to clean out the colon and detoxify the body. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to go about body cleansing and purification should never be used as an alternative to dieting and exercise
Healthy Body Cleansing
Over time the colon and intestines become infested with errors digested food and stool. People have started using enemas or colonics as a way to cleanse the colon and live a healthier lifestyle. An added benefit is weight loss not strictly use enemas and colonics but in the macrobiotic diet that goes along with good colon health. This is a healthy way to lose weight naturally. Enemas should never use a weight loss tool.

Enemas or colonics can relieve colon and intestines of nasty bacteria and other elements that prevent the digestion of food. The Enema process is not a nice-a tube into the anus reed hot water into the cavity and into the intestines and colon water and toxins then rush back out through the anus and into the toilet. It is colonic kits available for home use but such a procedure should be done by a professional.
Unhealthy Body Cleansing
The most common way body cleansing is used for weight loss is through diuretics. Laxatives diuretics medicines and detergents used to expel large amounts of water and feces from the body to have a dramatic and immediate weight loss. The body consists mainly of water and when a large part is suddenly expelled over a short time period it leads to the immediate loss caused by water loss.

The use of diuretics for weight loss is unhealthy for several reasons. You risk dehydration and bowel and intestinal problems due to the sudden loss of water. Also weight loss of only temporary-some fat is actually lost and the water that is expelled must be replaced. The sudden inflow of water can cause bloating which can spur the person to spend more diuretics. This kind of weight loss is often a warning sign of an eating disorder.