How To Keep Food Cravings At Bay

How To Keep Food Cravings At Bay
How To Keep Food Cravings At Bay

Keep food cravings at bay and keep the pounds off of your thighs. Plan ahead to prevent cravings start in the first place. Eat healthy all day and you will not be hungry

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BREAKFAST -. . Eat a large healthy breakfast. Make breakfast 25-40% of your daily caloric intake. Half of your breakfast should consist of vegetables and fruits. If you do not think you have time for breakfast grab an apple and a banana. Yogurt is also quick and easy just make sure to check the label it may have high fructose corn syrup in it. If it does switch to a new brand. The remaining 50% of your breakfast should be a combination of lean meats and whole grains
WATER -. . Drink at least eight glasses of water per day all day. You will not naturally drink enough you have to make a conscious decision to drink eight glasses. Plan water all day. Burn extra calories by drinking ice cold water.
morning snacks -. Keep cravings in check by eating every two hours until dinner. Eat a morning snack that is 50-200 calories. Fruits nuts and lean meats cheese and yogurt are excellent snacks
LUNCH -. . Eat a healthy lunch that is 50% vegetables 25% whole grain and 25% lean meats such as turkey chicken or fish. Lunch should be about 25-35% of your total daily calories
AFTER LUNCH SNACK -. . Eat a snack about two hours after lunch. A piece of fruit or a handful of nuts and seeds should hold you over until dinner-time. Make sure the snack is a healthy one
before dinner SNACK -. . Eat another snack about 2 hours before dinner. Because there are so many hours between lunch and dinner it is important that you eat two snacks between them to keep cravings at bay. If you do not plan ahead you will be more likely to demand something that is not healthy and eat it
dinner -. . Eat a light dinner. Try not to eat more than 25% of daily caloric intake for dinner. Do not eat dinner later than 19:00 CET. Do not eat after dinner.
By eating during the day you increase your metabolism burn more calories never feel hungry and lose weight.