How To Ferment Coconut Oil

How To Ferment Coconut Oil
How To Ferment Coconut Oil

Fermentation is the conversion of carbohydrates into alcohols and carbon dioxide under anaerobic conditions. The fermentation process is what makes the grapes into wine. Fermented coconut oil is good for home use only if it will be used once. Shelf life is from two weeks to two months. The storage time refers to how long a product can stay on the shelf before you throw it. Fermented oil will become rancid after a short time due to the high water content in oil

– 1 –
Remove coconut milk from coconut. Open coconut of piercing eyes of the coconut with a sharp knife. On top of coconut find three indents are that seem to look like eyes. Take the knife and pierce each of these eyes. Pour water into a glass. This water is not milk.

– 2 –
Place coconut in a plastic bag. Grocery bags are ideal for this process. Extract coconut safely in the bag and put it into another plastic bag. Take the bag and swing it toward the edge of a concrete step or take the bag and hold it over your head to slam on the ground beneath you. This is best done outside or on a concrete surface such as a garage or basement.

– 3 –
Remove coconut pieces from the bag. The meat (the white coconut) is what you need to do coconut milk. Insert a knife between the shell and the meat and gives the knife a twist to remove the meat. Flush to ensure that you remove all the peel.

– 4 –
Place meat in a blender and add hot water. Add just enough to cover the meat in the blender about ΒΌ cup. Blend the meat until it is finely grated. Take a bowl and cover it with cheesecloth. The liquid goes through cheese cloth is your milk. Discard any remaining solids on top of the cheesecloth.

– 5 –
Let coconut oil to sit for 20 to 36 hours in an open jar to allow the fermentation process to separate the oil. The fermentation process oil becomes acidic. The coconut oil is found in the top two layers of glass. Cooling after two days. This will allow the oil and curd hardens.
Take the glass out of the refrigerator and drain any remaining water. After the coconut oil becomes solid in the refrigerator it will be a little water left. In a small saucepan pour the curd and heat on low-medium heat for 12 hours.
Remove from heat and let cool. You could see oil and coconut solids separating the oil from the solids. Cover the mouth of the jar with cheesecloth and pour the mixture into glass. Allow the mixture to drain for a few hours before removing the cheesecloth. A coconut gives 3:57 tablespoons virgin coconut oil.