How To Wake Up In The Morning

How To Wake Up In The Morning
How To Wake Up In The Morning

Your alarm clock beeps at you to wake up. You hit the snooze bar. Ten minutes later it beeps again. Snooze bar. Beep. Snooze. Yes you get the picture. Getting up every morning at 5am is not one of my strengths to say the least. However integrated I have strategies in a simple regimen every morning that made this painful process of getting out of bed a little more comfortable
You need:. .
An alarm clock
A shower.
Fresh fruit.
Paul Mitchell Brand Tea Tree Special Shampoo and Conditioner.
Clean and crisp Brand Morning Burst cleanser.

– 1 –
First things first. Get the alarm clock away from you. Having it right next to your bed gives you a million excuses to keep press the Pause button. Set the alarm clock on the other side of the room if you can on a shelf or night stand. That way when it goes off you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. The action of you jumping out of bed to turn it off will wake you up much faster than snoozing life away.

– 2 –
Now that you are out of bed turn off the alarm clock. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs to capacity. With the air still in the lungs stretching out limbs in all directions for about 5-10 seconds. Breath out. Now get ready to hit the shower.

– 3 –
Plan showers out so you take them when you wake up in the morning. This by far is one of the best ways to wash all your grogginess and brain fog away. I try to go to bed 20 minutes earlier and waking up 20 minutes earlier which has proved to be plenty of time for a morning shower. There are 2 products out there that I can not recommend enough: Paul Mitchell brand Tea Tree Special Shampoo and clean and clear brand Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. The shampoo is made with tea tree oil peppermint and lavender. It is a very refreshing experience and leaves scalp tingly and clean. The Morning Burst cleanser has an amazing citrus scent and is formulated with bursting beads” which contains ginseng and vitamin C to refresh skin. It also contains gentle exfoliating scrub beads which makes the skin look and feel more radiant.

– 4 –
Finally before you go out the door it is important to have a quick and energizing breakfast. Your breakfast choice will partly determine your energy level for the rest of the morning. A breakfast of complex carbohydrates balanced with protein will give you a more gradual release of energy throughout the morning. A peanut butter sandwich with wheat toast is a good start or granola with yogurt and fresh strawberries and blueberries. Even instant oatmeal topped with your favorite fruit will prove to be a delicious and energizing breakfast. Follow this up with a high quality multi-vitamin and a vitamin B-12 supplement and you should be bouncing off the walls!

Tips and Warnings

Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Try taking a walk on your lunch break or going your dog after work.
If you need a quick breakfast take a box of Power Bars and other sports nutritional bars. These are high in protein and carbohydrates that provide a lot of energy in the morning.
Avoid overloading with coffee or caffeine drinks as they will make you crash hard just an hour or two after drinking them.”