How To Lose Weight By Counting Calories

How To Lose Weight By Counting Calories
How To Lose Weight By Counting Calories

Although fad diets may sound appealing they are not exactly safe or well. . . effective! . Sure they may be allright to jumpwtart any weight loss but unless you permanently change your eating habits your weight will also not change premanently
You need:.
basic math skills.
notebook and pen.

– 1 –
calculate your BMR (http: // www. bmi calculator. net / BMR-calculator /). This is the number of calories you burn doing nothing. To lose weight eat less or as many calories as your BMR.

– 2 –
Create a training plan. Deciding when to do what and find out how many calories you need to burn (http: // www. Livestrong. Com / thedailyplate / fitness / directory /)

– 3 –
Figure out how much weight you want to lose and how many calories you need to eat to do this: Say your BMR is 1400 and you want to lose £ 10 Say you want to swim leisurely 3 times a week for one and a half hour each time burns about 1 500 calories in total. You will multiply your BMR (1400) by 7 (you burn 1400 calories each day of the week) and that gives you 9800. This means that you will burn 9800 calories a week doing absolutely nothing. Add the 1 500 calories you burn exercising and you’re already burning 11 300 calories a week. Say you will eat 1 300 calories a day. You multiply that by 7 too. You get 9100 which represents the total number of calories you ate for a week. Subtract the number of calories you eat per week (9100) of the number of calories you burn per week (11 300) to find the total caloric loss during the week (2200) and dividing this figure by 3500 (the number of calories in one lb) . You will lose approximately 0.6 kg per week.

– 4 –
In the above example find out how many calories you will eat and how much weight you will lose. The above is a mere example and you can actually lose much more or much less depending on your weight height age amount of exercise how much you eat etc.

– 5 –

Keep following this because to lose permanent weight you need to make permanent changes. Be sure to be healthy. You will theoretically lose the same amount of weight eating 1 300 calories of ice cream and Oreos than you would eat 1300 of salad I assure you you will be much happier balance everything out and let yourself have a variety of foods while staying in calories series .

Tips and Warnings

vary your training you will get more muscles in different parts of your body and more muscle = more fat loss
safe weight loss is 2.1 kg per week do not lose more than £ 2 per week unless you want to risk your health
enjoy cravings but remember portion control. you can eat all you want and still lose weight. Really.
not starve yourself
not overtraining