Eating For Type O Blood

Eating For Type O Blood
Eating For Type O Blood

Although Dr. Peter D’Amato’s Blood Type Diet has been disparaged by many researchers (see Mayo Clinic connection below) I’ve tried it myself and find that it benefit me in many ways. Type O diet is perhaps the most challenging especially during holidays. Here are some things you can do to improve your diet and lose some weight the Blood Type Way
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. Health food store.

– 1 –
Learn your blood type.

– 2 –
Purge your kitchen. If you are a type O get rid of anything that contains white or wheat flour corn starch partially hydrogenated oil
coconut milk products ham pork and bacon and vegetables soaked in vinegar f. ex pickles.

– 3 –
Go shopping for lean red meat f. Ex buffalo deer beef and lamb figs walnuts spelled flour Ezekiel bread (from sprouted grains) leafy green vegetables rice millet and quinoa sweet potatoes sweet potato chips ginger tea dandelion tea sparkling water seaweed rice crackers and rice noodles.

– 4 –
Do some baking. Do spelled pumpkin bread the first week banana bread the second week and carob chip cookies with walnuts the third.

– 5 –
Check out your body care products. Chances are you may have a rash or other skin condition that you have been able to fix. Try to eliminate all the coconut oil derivatives from supplies: This includes all derivatives starting with Coca- (f. Ex cocatinamide betaine and its ugly step-sisters). Check your shampoo liquid detergent lotion hand soap creams and gels. You’ll be surprised how much coconut they contain. Type O’s may be susceptible to coconut and this may be causing all your problems. Try to find products with shea butter base not coconut oil.
Let yourself snack. Do not be too hard on yourself. I did not do this diet to lose weight: I did it to improve my digestion and skin. However I lost seven pounds in two weeks probably due to lack of wheat. Nevertheless I ate very well and snacked regularly as I am a grazer.”
For snacks I eat:
seaweed crackers
banana spelled bread
lean roast beef
figs or fig bars
dark chocolate
hard Candy

Tips and Warnings

Stash your coffee in the back of the freezer and only drink it on special occasions. Coffee increases acidity in the stomach and stimulate appetite.
Save only your favorite wheat and dairy products and eat them only on special occasions. Chuck all the others. Be brutal.
Get a copy of “Eat Right 4 Your Type” by Dr. Peter D’Amato and check out all the details. Although there is no clinical basis for Dr. D’Amato’s claims most of the diet suggestions are quite healthy and worth your consideration.
No diet is right for everyone which is what this book is about. Listen to what your body tells you.
If you are taking any medications consult your doctor before changing your diet.”