How To You Can Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

How To You Can Help Your Loved One Lose Weight
How To You Can Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

Do you have a friend or loved one who is on a diet? Do you wish you could help them? Here are some ways you can help them
do you need:!.
A big heart
Care and concern.

– 1 –
Cheering them on when they start. If someone tells you that they’re going to try to lose weight they are to share this with you because they trust you. Cheering for them when they get started.

– 2 –
Encourage them when they have a bad day. It takes the piece of cake at the office to ruin a good diet or a stressful afternoon ripping into a bag of chips. Listen to their burden and not be judgmental. Send them to start again when they fall off the wagon.

– 3 –
HELP them with participation. Does your schedule allow you to go with your friend in your lunch? Or invite them to the gym or a game of pick up basketball in the driveway. Any activity that does not revolve not around food will be helpful.

– 4 –
SHARE in his joy. Can you tell your friend has lost weight? Be sure to tell them. If they have a milestone and will encourage a gift send them flowers or a gift certificate for a manicure a round of golf [for boys].

– 5 –
BE POSITIVE work. They will need you. Not as a crutch but a friend. They need you. Like most excesses the food problem is filling a gap for something else. This may be the way your friend must take to release from food.

Tips and Warnings

Dieters feel free to post notice what people have done to help or sabotage your efforts.
NOT offer your dieter a snack or nibble on tasty food.
DO NOT say Is it your diet? Or “Should you be eating that?”
NOT be judgmental.
DO NOT be too helpful in sending emails articles diet crazes etc.”