Colon And Liver Cleansing

Colon And Liver Cleansing
Colon And Liver Cleansing

The liver and colon are the foundation of any healthy body. The liver is a filter that keeps harmful toxins and additives out of your system and your colon is important in removing water and debris as it comes in from the small intestine. If one of these parts of the digestive system is out of sync you’ll end up with a very sick body.

Here are some strategies for colon and liver cleansing
Symptoms of a bad digestive system
A poor digestive system can cause many painful problems. Bloating constipation diarrhea and combined with a general feeling of fatigue are just some of the more noticeable symptoms. Of course the long-term — and more serious — problems occur if the liver and colon are not kept clean and healthy. Cancer ulcers and a fatty liver can cut your life short.
The foundation for a healthy Liver and Colon
A healthy liver and colon is a direct result of the amount of fruits and vegetables you put into your body and how well you can eliminate harmful foods.

Curb your eating so that you all but eliminate the following foods: red meat alcohol preservatives and additives like MSG and disodium phosphate. Then eat at least two servings of vegetables and fruit every day especially fruits like bananas and colorful” vegetables such as beets broccoli and carrots.

A regular exercise routine is also essential for a healthy liver and colon. You have to train three days per week preferably in a cardiovascular routine that runs hitting a heavy bag or playing a sport like basketball or football. It is important to remember is that you need to constantly push the system to operate rather than living a sedentary lifestyle.
Master Cleansing Program
The Master Cleansing Program is a well-known program that helps cleanse the liver and colon. The recipe for cleansing drink is simple: 2 tbsp. organic lemon or lime juice 2 tbsp. organic pure maple syrup 1/10 teaspoon. cayenne pepper all mixed in 10-12 oz. of filtered water.

Although it is recommended by the manufacturer of the Master Cleansing Program to keep on the diet for 10 days (with no other foods or supplements) it is equally useful to the system to make a reduced period of 5 days and then eat light food such as rice chicken and vegetables. Always consult your doctor before trying a drastic diet that will cleanse your colon and liver.

If you feel good after the first few days the program will continue for another five days or more mixing the cleansing drink with other healthy foods while completely eliminating unhealthy food and alcohol.”