How To Lose Weight With Wu Long Tea

How To Lose Weight With Wu Long Tea
How To Lose Weight With Wu Long Tea

Wu Long Tea is a kind of Chinese herbal tea that is supposed to help a person lose weight. The idea of ??using tea to lose weight is not a new idea. Many people have used tea as a substitute for higher calorie beverages and has dropped several pounds within a few weeks

– 1 –
Research history Wu-Long tea a special type of tea produced out of Mt. Wu Yi Shan in China. The nutrients found in this tea give the body an energy boost and increase your metabolism.

– 2 –
Find a retailer that sells Wu-Long tea. You can either find a local store that carries tea or order it online from companies such as Wu-Long for Life. You should buy at least a 2-week supply.

– 3 –
Buy a tea infuser. The best way to enjoy Wu-Long tea is to brew it in its loose leaf form.

– 4 –
Drink tea twice a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Ideally you should drink tea at least 15 minutes before meals.

– 5 –
Eat sensibly. To lose even more weight with Wu-Long tea you need to eat well balanced meals and exercise regularly.

Tips and Warnings

If you do not want to brew your own Wu-Long tea you can order the prepackaged in a teabag. You will still get the same weight loss effects.
Wu-Long tea has a high caffeine content. If you limit your caffeine intake this product is not for you.