About Kombucha Tea And Weight Loss

About Kombucha Tea And Weight Loss
About Kombucha Tea And Weight Loss

Kombucha tea is found in many health food stores. Kombucha can be home brewed like beer but many prefer to buy pre-made tea. According kombucha. com there is no documented health benefits of kombucha tea but it has been consumed for many years and samples of culture has been passed along for generations to make tea
Seedsofhealth. com tells us about a long history of kombucha starting in the Far East around 200 f. Kr. . It was called tea of ??immortality” and has been consumed for over 2 000 years. In Eastern Europe Russia and Japan kombucha has been used since 400 AD.. . It is believed the name “kombucha” originated in Japan from a Korean physician named Kombu who used the concoction to treat the emperor. It has spread over the years from Russia to Germany and Denmark but interest kombucha were lost during World War II. Dr. Rudolph Skelne renewed interest in kombucha when he used it in the treatment of cancer patients metabolic diseases hypertension and diabetes.
Weight Loss
Thehappyherbalist. com find kombucha tea is beneficial to help with weight loss. It created a Tibetan mushroom kombucha that’s specially formulated to help in losing weight. Kombucha is alkaline which helps to balance the body. When the body is at a proper pH it is able to treat the food better and set digestion in a healthy condition. It also assists in boosting energy levels encourage more activity.
In a survey conducted by Bev Ferguson owner of Kombucha Manna International she discovered kombucha is beneficial in many ways. The results were from 600 kombucha worldwide users. 600 27 percent of respondents drinking kombucha for general health. Eighty-one percent felt better from drinking kombucha and 30 percent experienced weight loss.
Expert Insight
Katherine Zeratsky RD LD of the Mayo Clinic says there has not been enough research to prove any direct evidence that kombucha tea provides some health benefits. She found there are potential risks with home brew that could link kombucha to pollution and that it was linked to several cases of cutaneous or skin based-anthrax in a society where a tainted batch was made. One should be careful with allergic reactions and potential lead poisoning if lead pots were used to make kombucha.
How Kombucha is made
Kombucha is made from a culture or Scoby which stands for a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The culture is added to tea and sweetener. As culture digests sweet tea it produces various acids vitamins minerals enzymes and probiotics. The fermented tea produces a small amount of alcohol but is only about 1 percent per serving. After about a week a new Scoby forms on top of brewed kombucha. When Scoby is about 1 / 8th of an inch thick is kombucha ready to drink. Some of the acids contained in kombucha include glucuronic acid lactic acid vinegar usnic acid oxalic acid malic gluconic and butyric. Black oolong green and white tea is widely used in making kombucha.”