What To Take To Help The Immune System

What To Take To Help The Immune System
What To Take To Help The Immune System

You can build a strong immune system through a balanced diet and exercise. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables a moderate amount of carbohydrates and dairy products and maintain a training program adapted to your age and lifestyle. This sounds simple enough. But in the real world it can be difficult to eat healthy on a daily basis and procedures often go wrong. To keep your immune system healthy or give it a boost follow these tips

– 1 –
Take supplements in small doses over the span of one day. The human body can only process a certain amount of nutrients at a time.

– 2 –
Consume vitamin C an excellent immune booster. With six servings of fruit a day you can take in about 200 milligrams of vitamin C. Your body will process almost all of it. If you supplement your fruit intake with vitamin C capsules or tablets take one tablet in the morning and one later in the day allowing your body to effectively manage and utilize the supplement.

– 3 –
Get vitamin A which stimulates the production of antibodies. It is also an antioxidant which works to eliminate free radicals cells. Take supplements in small doses. The body produces vitamin A and too much can be toxic to your system. An intake of 5 000 IU (international units) per day is sufficient.

– 4 –
Consume vitamin E also an antioxidant. Seeds grains and vegetable oils all provide vitamin E. You need no more than 400 milligrams daily supplement form. If you have an active lifestyle and enjoy a proper diet is no more than 100 milligrams necessary.

– 5 –
Use certain herbs in cooking to enhance immune system performance. Place these herbs such as watercress sage oregano parsley rosemary ginger and fennel to your meals. Using fresh and dried herbs to season food is a natural tasty way to boost your immune system.
Add garlic preferably fresh to your diet. Garlic is an antioxidant and fights infections. Garlic supplements are not as effective as fresh garlic and are more expensive.
Eat tomatoes. Tomatoes contain lycopenes antioxidants that stimulate the immune system. They have been given the title super food” which means they are high in nutritional value containing large amounts of vitamins minerals and antioxidants. Dark greens such as spinach and kale are also super food. So are avocados pumpkin green beans and soybeans. Also add dark fruits like blueberries raspberries and cranberries to your diet.
Go for bioflavonoids. These immune boosters are found in the colored part of fruits vegetables grains and flowers. Foods high in bioflavonoids have anti-inflammatory anti-viral anti-allergen and anti-cancer properties. Bioflavonoids are not vitamins but rather work in concert with vitamins to recharge the immune system. Citrus fruits such as mangoes oranges and lemons are good sources of bioflavonoids. So are grapes currants apricots cherries and cantaloupe.
Take a good multivitamin together with additional vitamins A C and E. This provides immunity additional power to ward off colds influenza and other viral and bacterial infections. But no supplement can replace a balanced diet. Add more super foods to your diet and improve their flavors with herbs.”