How To Avoid The Most Fattening Daily Habits

How To Avoid The Most Fattening Daily Habits
How To Avoid The Most Fattening Daily Habits

Forget the junk food or lack of energy the habit is the most fattening thing out there.
Here are four of the most fattening habits I’ve found plus how to get them to come out a winner

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Fattening Habit # 1 :. . driving Everywhere
While the car may have been invented for transport also has another purpose. This purpose is to ensure that you can continue to burn gasoline not to burn the calories that collect in your fat cells.
While most can not ditch their cars it’s not that hard to use the car a little less. I recommend parking in the most remote parking available or parking one kilometer or so from your destination so you go the rest of the way into this way you can get about 2 miles of walking in every day without hitting the gym.
Nor forget your bike. Bike shops sell lots of cheap accessories so you can turn your bike into a commuter machine that will torch fat and lets you blow off the rush hour.
Fattening Habit # 2 :. Watching TV Mass and play Video Games
Like the car the big screen in the living room serves a purpose to your waistline and it’s growing baby grows
To combat this bold habit using the power of the voter zed programming !. In other words not just thumb through the channels looking for something to watch. Instead use a DVR or something like Hulu to allow you to see only a select few favorite shows and only the shows. This way you spend far less time parked on the couch watching shows that you would not normally see.
Another rule of thumb to follow is to not eat while watching TV. Research shows that people eat more when they see a screen. Plus most of the food people eat is as you do not look that great anyway. So eat or see but do not try to do both even if it means getting up and eat in the kitchen in between commercials
Fattening Habit # 3 :. . Snacking on foods for reasons other than hunger
Our culture is full of reasons to eat when we really do not need the calories. We eat popcorn while watching films a hot dog at the game drinking a beer at the end of day or simply because we deserve a little treat for (Fill plank with some small accomplishment).
The best way to defeat this habit is to combat the most common reasons to snack. No you do not need pop corn on the film and a sausage on the game will not help your team play any better.
I’m not saying that you can not treat yourself but when you have a reason to snack and indulge almost every day it’s time to draw the line in the sand.
Oppfu00F4ring Habit # 4 :. . Feeling like a victim
Oh how we love culture victim-hood. It is so easy to play the victim and say we can not lose weight because of X Y and Z.
The problem is that when you give it a habit victim hood you lose all your power to make any changes.
The best way to combat the victim habit is to adopt a never say die attitude. It’s not easy but when the switch is flipped things change very fast. You go from I can not work today because I forgot sneakers at home” to “I do not care if my legs are broken I’m still hitting the gym.”
It may seem extreme but I’ve seen it in action. In fact there is a guy at the gym right now which only has the use of one arm.
He is obviously no sacrifice.”