How To Lose Weight Using The Wii Fit System

How To Lose Weight Using The Wii Fit System
How To Lose Weight Using The Wii Fit System

I have lost 14.2 pounds since June 2009 and it is August 3 now! I have Wii Fit to thank for it. This game is the best tool to lose weight I have tried in the last 13 years. Wii makes it feel more like a game instead of a workout and therefore we want to get up there and train for it. Let me show you how to lose weight using the Wii Fit
You need:.
Wii Fit Bundle
Wii fitness games.

– 1 –
First thing after buying a Wii Fit Bundle for Wii is to get it set up for customization yours. Going through it will take your BMI weight balance and keep a log for you. You can even have a goal and it will keep track how much you need to get there. This allows you to see where you are now then later how you’ve done. This is important and must not be overlooked.

– 2 –
Now use the exercises. There are yoga balance games aerobics strength categories. From hula hoops boxing running climbing stairs yoga push ups and even a ski game. Now to help boost weight loss go into each category and play. There will be exercises you need to unlock by playing.

– 3 –
It is a point and star system. The better you do the more stars and more points. This will rank you. To solve more weight just try to get more points than the last time you did that exercise. Also shooting for most stars.

– 4 –
Other portions and what you eat. Get rid of soda. energy drinks diet pills sugar snacks. I did this and I have seen a big jump in weight loss while doing Wii Fit. Here is something to think about when losing weight and eating out: a McDonald’s Happy Meal are actually correct portion size for an adult. It contains about 700 calories. . . Big Mac meal is about 1 700 calories.

– 5 –
Try to exercise five days a week for 30 minutes a day. I did two 30 minute sessions a day. This is going to be the only piece of work out of machine you need if body building.

Tips and Warnings

DO NOT take diet pills. You do not need them with this if you try to get 30 minutes to an hour of exercise every day.
This is defined as all persons body type can wear it. Does not matter if you are few shape apple shape or even hour glass.
Do not bother using a paper log. This game will also keep track of how many minutes you worked out every day. Every minute is transformed into a coin and put in a time” piggy bank.
Drink plenty of water.
Take a 10 minute break after 30 minute workout.”