How To Dry Herbs From The Garden

How To Dry Herbs From The Garden
How To Dry Herbs From The Garden

Drying fresh herbs from your garden is a great way to keep flavorful favorites on hand for use in the kitchen all winter. Herbs that are not as moist lend itself to the drying process best. More humid herbs probably must be dehydrated frozen or cooked a bit in the oven to be preserved. Be careful when you harvest and make sure you find the perfect place for drying herbs. There may be a slight learning curve involved but the process can certainly be improved every year until near perfection is achieved.
You need:
Garden fresh herbs
. String string or rubber bands.
Paper bags.

– 1 –
Cut your herbs. Wash and dry carefully if appropriate.

– 2 –
Remove the lower leaves from the stalk herb or branch.

– 3 –
Using string or rubber band bundle similar herbs in groups of five to ten stems. Bind the bundles on top where there are no leaves.

– 4 –
Set bundles upside down in paper bags containing a few holes for ventilation. Tie up the end of paper bag.

– 5 –
Hang bags in a warm well-ventilated area of ??your home. Check once a week until the herbs are dried and ready to be stored.

Tips and Warnings

The drying process usually takes from one to three weeks. You can see if the herb is finished by checking the leaves on the stem. If the leaves break apart between your fingers the herbs are ready.
Make sure that the bottom portions of the bundles are not too close together as they need ventilation to dry.
Remember that 68 degrees F is optimal room temperature for drying process.
The drying process works best with rosemary thyme oregano and bay.
Basil chives and mint lend themselves more easily to freezing dehydration or some food in the oven as opposed to drying.
If you have used pesticides in your garden always wash herbs before drying.
Never harvest herbs rain soaked or wet with dew. If you do you may have mildew. Try to harvest your herbs late morning after the sun has had a chance to dry herbs somewhat but not completely fade them.