How To Avoid Over-eating

How To Avoid Over-eating
How To Avoid Over-eating

An important factor for gaining weight is over-eating or eating the amount needed. Here are some steps that will help you eat a healthy and balanced rate
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In one day one should eat three balanced meals and 2-3 snacks in between the meals. When you wake up eat a balanced breakfast. So in between breakfast and lunch eat a light snack. So eat lunch and a few hours later eat another light snack.

– 2 –
At dinner try to eat no later than 8 so it gives the body a chance to digest food. This will also help you sleep better because your body is focused on sleep rather than digest.

– 3 –
When Siting around watching a movie or hang out with friends try not to let food in front of you. We tend to eat unconsciously when buns or chips or candy are placed before us.

– 4 –
By eating meals try to eat at a normal pace. If you eat too much your body does not register that it is full before you let it pass and then you have already finished the whole plate.

– 5 –
nor under eating. This will cause your body to go into a state of survival” and it burns fat slower because it is trying to conserve energy if not being replenished at a normal rate. (Ie not eat when hungry)
These steps will help you to eat healthier and a more regulated pace.”