Tips To Drink More Water

Tips To Drink More Water
Tips To Drink More Water

Water is one of the most important substances in the human body and plays a role in several critical biological systems. Water promotes weight loss flushes toxins from the body and allows proper digestion. Proper hydration also leads to healthy glowing skin and a possible reduction in risk of heart attack. Drinking enough water during the day can often be difficult but there are several ways to help increase your water intake.
Convenience and Exploitation
Keep a bottle or glass of water handy at all times whether at work on the move or at home. You are more likely to continually sip water if it’s in front of you. Choose water over other beverages like juice soda coffee or tea. Or at least have a glass of water along with the other drinks.
Add some flavor
If plain water is too plain for you add a little extra flavor and excitement with mint leaves or slices of lemon lime orange or cucumber. Many flavored waters or powdered additives are available on the market but be careful as these products often contain a lot of sugar and chemicals.
water from other sources
Eat more fruits and vegetables especially water-rich ones like watermelon and celery and drinking caffeine-free tea. The water content of these elements will all help contribute to the daily water intake.
Keep Track
Keeping track of how much water you drink will help you meet your water goal for the day. Using a computer electronic day planner smartphone application or just a pen and paper to note how much water you drink and how often you use it. This increases awareness and accountability for personal hydration.
Enter a Reminder
If you probably forget water set a timer or alarm on your watch cell phone or computer. Schedule them throughout the day to maintain consistent water intake.
If you do not like the taste of tap water invest in a home water purifier or filtration system. It will make plain water tastes more like the bottle variation and are much cheaper.