How To Lose Weight By Moderating Carbohydrate

How To Lose Weight By Moderating Carbohydrate
How To Lose Weight By Moderating Carbohydrate

If you’ve tried every fad diet and have not been able to lose weight maybe it’s time for you to moderate carbohydrate intake. It is not hard to do once you get the hang of it. Over time you will see the weight drop off

– 1 –
Understand the difference between a carbohydrate protein and a fat. Many people are trying to moderate their carbohydrate intake but they fail to really identify the food group to moderate. Do a little homework to make sure you understand the difference. While you’re at it learn the difference between a natural carbohydrate and a man-made processed carbohydrates.

– 2 –
Cut out all processed carbohydrates. Although carbohydrates gets a bad rap most naturally occurring carbohydrates are good for you. It is processed carbohydrates that caused the problem. Stay away from high fat high salt and very sugary processed carbs.

– 3 –
Moderate your carbohydrate servings. If completely cut out carbs seems impossible and then look at portions. Start by reducing them by 85% in the first week and then 75% next week and so on until you have changed your portion size to support weight loss.

– 4 –
Check when you eat carbohydrates. If you absolutely must have carbohydrates it is best to eat them earlier in the day. Eat them early in the day gives your body time to burn them before the end of the day.

– 5 –
Working both ends by increasing your activity. Moderate End of carbohydrates is great but you will lose weight faster if you exercise more. If you’re not in tip top shape marathon do not despair. Start small. Do what you can and increase it slowly over time.