How To Eat To Gain Weight

How To Eat To Gain Weight
How To Eat To Gain Weight

Emphasis is often placed on eating healthy to lose weight but there are also people who need to eat to gain weight. They can achieve this by making some changes in diet and health habits. Design a proper plan will smooth process without increasing the weight unhealthily and too fast

– 1 –
Increase your calorie intake. Before you start eating like there’s no tomorrow remember that just as there is a science to lose weight this is true as well for gaining weight too. Start by observing current eating habits and how many calories you consume. Over time you will slowly increase this amount to gain weight healthily. Try to increase your calorie intake by 200 calories a day until you are comfortably consuming more calories a day on your goal.

– 2 –
Soak in starch. Starches like those found in white bread and pasta will help to promote weight gain. White bread is actually one of the most fattening foods that are consumed by people on regular basis. Eating an extra disc with meals will sneak in badly needed extra calories without gorging yourself at once. Potatoes are also a good source of starch.

– 3 –
Change the way you prepare your food to add calories. This does not mean you necessarily have to sacrifice your health. Frying your food for example to add calories but greatly increase health risks. Avoid this by using healthier oils such as peanut and olive oils. Prepare foods using more fattening ingredients like real butter and milk.

– 4 –
accessories for your meal. Add some sour cream to tacos or some cream cheese for the bagel will help increase calories. Accessorizing every meal with little extras like mayonnaise on your sandwich will in many cases enhance the flavor and make the meal more. Since your goal is to increase your weight you do not have to feel guilty about eating these functions.

– 5 –
Add a slice of cake. Make dessert is crucial part of the dinner as it will help you to eat more and make it fun. Snacks between meals on foods like peanut butter dipped celery is a healthy way to pack on the pounds too. Most people do not need to be forced to eat something sweet even if you do not want to make the desert or snack unhealthy small controlled by levels of luxury are acceptable

Tips and. warnings

Consuming foods that are high in carbohydrates such as sweet corn will help you pack on the pounds faster. Making beverages counting as switching water with soda milkshakes and juice will also help you to put on weight.
Do not go on a weight control diet prior to first consult a doctor.