Food List For Muscle Mass

Food List For Muscle Mass
Food List For Muscle Mass

Lean muscle is the result of high-intensity exercise and weightlifting sessions. . You build this type of muscle when you push your muscles to the point of creating micro tears in the muscle fibers. As these micro tears heal muscles become bigger and stronger. However training is not enough if you want a slim and toned figure. Proper diet is important to support muscle gain and intense exercise.
According to the American Council on Exercise protein is the most important thing that your body needs to eat when you build muscle mass. Consuming protein both in your normal diet and 30 minutes to an hour before exercise prepares muscles for vigorous exercise sessions. Good sources of protein include eggs chicken breast turkey lean meat tofu and fortified dairy products. Protein bars and shakes are another good source of protein if you are in a rush for a meal before hitting the gym or head to work.
Carbohydrates are an essential element for building muscle mass says Carol Ann Rinzler author of Nutrition for Dummies.” Contrary to common belief cut way back on carbohydrates is not the way to go when building muscle mass. Carbohydrates fuel the body and muscles giving you the energy you need to push through the next training session. The best carbohydrates complex carbohydrates take longer to digest so you feel full and energy for longer. Sources of complex carbohydrates are sweet potatoes a variety of legumes and green vegetables.
Fruit is an important part of your diet if you’re trying to build lean muscle says Jane Kirby author of “Dieting for Dummies.” Not only are fruits calories making them an easy meal while watching calorie intake but they provides natural sugars as well. Natural sugar is a healthy boost of energy to the muscles undergoing regular exercise according to the American Council on Exercise. Fruit Go from bananas apples oranges strawberries grapefruit and peach. Bananas and apples can be a bit of a protein boost by adding a tablespoon of peanut butter for extra muscle mass advantage.”