Bariatric Surgery Training

Bariatric Surgery Training
Bariatric Surgery Training

While bariatric surgery is a major first step on the road to a healthier life proper diet and exercise is the only way to ensure your long term health. Learn the tools to make exercise a part of your life after bariatric surgery. However you must contact your doctor to detect exercise program that is right for you and your specific health needs
begin right away
Right after your bariatric surgery the daily caloric intake drastically decline. This sharp reduction in calories may shock your body into starvation mode where it will try to extract the missing calories from muscle tissue and internal organs instead of burning fat.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to start an exercise program as soon as the day after surgery. Plus exercising right after surgery helps you feel better before recover more quickly and reduce the chance that you will develop post-surgical complications or infections.

The day after surgery your nurse visit you once or twice around the room a couple of times a day and assist you in getting in and out of a chair. By the second day you go can be increased to three to five minutes and the rate may be increased to four to six times a day. Continue this regimen for the next five days.

One week after surgery you should be able to increase your going to five to 15 minutes three times a day. Continue this pattern for a week.

Two weeks after bariatric surgery you can increase the length of trips for 10 to 15 minutes. And if your doctor approves you can start light weight training. Continue this regimen for the next two weeks.
Plan for Long Term
A month after bariatric surgery you are ready to take on the half hour to hour worth of exercise that American Heart Association recommends you have at least five days a week.

But remember that this does not necessarily mean that you have to use this part of your life in the gym. Since you are going to exercise for life take this opportunity to take on an activity that you enjoy and look forward to.

Start taking martial arts lessons or join a league bowling or local amateur baseball team. Look through community paper and find something you can get excited about doing in the long term which is the key to success.
Buddy System
It is easy to lose sight of your workout goal if you do not have someone in your life to keep you accountable. The buddy system is a great way to ensure your health and the health of a loved ยจ|n or a new friend.

If you are in a bariatric surgery recovery group ask around to find out what activities your support group members engage in. Find someone who is equally committed to her weight loss that you want to be and ask if you can participate in her activities.

Alternatively you commit 30 minutes of exercise a day to spend time with kids. They will hold you accountable and look forward to the time together which will motivate you when you really just want to lie on the couch.