How To Clean And Detoxify Your Body

How To Clean And Detoxify Your Body
How To Clean And Detoxify Your Body

Is it time you detoxed? If you have really puffy hanging over like the eyes of too many drugs or too much red meat follow this plan in two to three weeks
You need:. .
Store Bought Detox Kit
Flush Free Niacin Vitamin Supplement.
Pao D Arco Vitamin Supplement.
Lots of Animal imported Springwater.
Hot Tea.

– 1 –
Go to Wal-Mart and buy these things (only the first is mandatory for those who really attached as far as cash goes).
1. Buy a detox kit from the pharmacy section.
-The One (Whole Body Cleanse) in the picture is the best but it
is cheaper ones
two. Buy lots of fruits and vegetables.
Three. Buy an inexpensive supplement of goldenseal and / or flush free niacin. These
is usually about $ 5
Buy these other things :. .
One. A supplement of PAO d’Arco. These can be found on eBay for about
$ 10. This is important. These are natural antibiotics cures
kettle etc. I love taking these.
Two. Favorable foreign spring water the kind you can only buy on health
Food store. They make a particular brand from Iceland who is

– 3 –
Follow the instructions on the detox plan drink hot tea made from spring water and lots of spring water and eat all your good vegetables and fruits. Follow all instructions on vitamins supplements and take them then. Fast as many days as possible. You feel cleaner and more refreshed at the end.

Tips and Warnings

Stay away from fats and oils during this period.
detoxify about once every six months and months.