Detox Diets Safe?

Detox Diets Safe?
Detox Diets Safe?

The market has been flooded with a wide variety of detox” diets all of which make similar promises-better health in a short period of time. Although a number of people have gone through and survived detoxes making them seemingly anecdotally safe detox diets carries significant risk. If you or someone you know has been considering a detox diet here’s the final word on their safety
detox Theory
There are a wide range of detox diets available which includes everything from raw food detoxes to plans which are asked to consume any more than soda and syrup for several days on end. Commonality behind all these plans however is that they claim to rid the body of accumulated toxins that build up over decades of use and abuse. This is supposedly achieved in a relatively short time which is anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the plan.
Scientically Speaking
There is no existing scientific evidence supporting one’s need for regular detoxification though regimented schedules. If you are an otherwise healthy adults with full function of all your major organs there is no plausible reason to undergo a detox. Although detox manufacturer’s websites are loaded with pages of pseudo-science not be taken in by propaganda.
Nutritionally Speaking
Nutritionally seen detox diets can be dangerous. Prolonged fasting may have negative effects on your body which can quickly spiral into permanent aliments. A 23 year old on a detox plan slipped into a coma due to water intoxication brought on by excess water consumption and insufficient salt intake. A 52 year old woman from England got brain damage after following a similar detox plan. Since there are no regulatory bodies supervising the creation of these plans the detox diet is very well been written by an 18-year-old with zero nutritional expertise.
Approaching the subject from a rational angle although the body conceals years worth of built-up toxins it is not something magical with raw vegetables soft drinks or any other food that could cleanse your body in such a short timeframe. Eating nothing but raw vegetables will have no measurable “detoxification” effect beyond eating more raw vegetables along with your regular diet. You do not need to starve yourself or buy into any “secret program” to achieve health.
If you absolutely must take part in detox craze stick to a plan that offers a wide selection of natural foods. The best detox would resemble a healthy diet with plenty of healthy fats lean protein sources fruits and vegetables. The detox myth is perpetrated by people who desperately want to believe there is a shortcut to good health. In truth the only secret to good health is consistent diet and exercise.”