The Cheapest And Most Nutritious Foods

The Cheapest And Most Nutritious Foods
The Cheapest And Most Nutritious Foods

Grocery stores and food markets that specialize in healthy food often sells nutritious food at expensive prices. But there are many affordable nutritious foods available that you can use to cook delicious and inexpensive meals. Whole grain pasta frozen vegetables canned fruits minced meat meals and low-fat dairy products are some of the cheapest and most nutritious foods available.
Wholegrain Pasta
whole wheat pasta is a cheap and hearty dinner solution. Including more whole-grain foods in your diet can help reduce your chances of developing bowel disorders colon cancer and other major diseases according to Kansas State University. Top a serving of cooked whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and store chain grated cheese for a cheap and nutritious entree. Whole grain pasta can be more satisfying than regular pasta so you can serve smaller portions.
Frozen vegetables and canned fruits
Frozen vegetables and canned fruits can be prepared with almost every entree to create an affordable and healthy meal. According to the Harvard School of Public Health people should eat at least 4 1/2 cups of fruits and vegetables per day. Buying vegetables frozen and bake them with vegetable olive oil or vegetable oil to a low-fat healthy side dish. Canned fruits are cheaper than fresh fruit and can be served alone as a side dish or used to compliment a healthy salad as the main course.
Minced Meals
Ground beef can be cooked and prepared with a wide variety of finished mixes for making meals that are affordable and healthy. According to Iowa State University you can save money by using a simple method of reducing the amount of fat in the mix while it is cooking rather than buying expensive low-fat or lean ground beef. Cook ground beef in a skillet until browned chopping the meat into small pieces as it cooks. Pour browned beef in a colander to drain off the fat then pour 4 cups of hot water over the meat to remove excess fat. Return beef to skillet to add ingredients required for your recipe. Use 1 pound ground beef to make tacos chili beef rice or healthy beef nachos to feed four diners.
dairy products
Dairy products like milk cheese and eggs are the staple elements of a healthy diet. Dairy products often contain high levels of saturated fat and according to the Harvard School of Public Health saturated high fat intake is a risk factor for heart disease. Many grocery stores now offer their own store-brand low-fat and non-fat dairy products for the same price as name-brand dairy products making dairy products nutritious and affordable.