Make Multi-vitamins Can Cause Liver Damage?

Make Multi-vitamins Can Cause Liver Damage?
Make Multi-vitamins Can Cause Liver Damage?

The multivitamin US business is booming. While they can do wonders for smoothing an unbalanced diet a multivitamin like any other supplement — it must be taken with caution
balanced diet
Doctors and nutritionists agree it’s best to get vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet. On top of the benefits of vitamins themselves fruits vegetables and other foods containing other elements nutritious. This may include fiber protein and other antioxidants that are difficult to synthesize in a pill.
Many vitamins are water soluble. This means that if you take an abundance of them your body will expel them no ill effects. The multivitamin with 1 000 percent of your daily vitamin C requirement is not help you any more than a capsule with 100 percent.
other Elements
Like everything in an unnatural form is a multivitamin produced. The production process can expose a multivitamin to different items. A pill can have inconsistent levels of vitamins and minerals — or items that are not listed on the label.
Who should be careful
A pregnant should always be wary about what she ingests that her unborn child is exposed to something the mother takes in. Small children should also be supervised when taking multivitamins. They may want to eat more multivitamins that are flavored like candy.
When in doubt
Consult a physician before taking any multivitamin. Like any supplement multivitamins with different additives have harmful interactions with other medications. Also your doctor may advise against taking a multivitamin that diet can be more balanced than you think.