How To Make A Cranberry Juice Detox

How To Make A Cranberry Juice Detox
How To Make A Cranberry Juice Detox

A cranberry juice detox can help rid the kidneys intestines and lymphatic system of harmful toxins. The whole process takes 2 ½ to 3 weeks and consists of taking a cranberry juice detox drink daily and to eat only fruits vegetables and whole grains while on diet. During the third week you gradually reintroduce other foods in your diet when the body has been thoroughly detoxified
You need:. .
Pure cranberry juice
Distilled water.
Psyllium fiber.
Apple pectin.
Dandelion leaf capsules.
Astragalus capsules.

– 1 –
Dilute part cranberry juice with four parts of distilled water. Place a teaspoon. of psyllium fiber and a teaspoon. of apple pectin. Stir well to combine and drink 10 minutes before breakfast. Eat only fruits and whole grains for breakfast while on cranberry juice detox diet.

– 2 –
Preparing a second cup of cranberry juice detox mix as outlined above. Drink 10 minutes before lunch or dinner. Eat simple healthy lunch and dinner consisting of vegetables and whole grains. Avoid meat dairy products and processed foods of all kinds.

– 3 –
Take two capsules of dandelion leaf 2-3 times daily in the first week of cranberry juice detox. Dandelion is a mild diuretic and will also help cleanse the system of toxins.

– 4 –
Repeat steps 1-2 daily for two weeks. Eat organic apples all day for extra pectin. The pectin binds toxins in your system and helps flush them out while psyllium fiber adds bulk to the stool and helps detox the body.

– 5 –
Stop taking dandelion leaf capsules at the beginning of week 2. Replace them with astragalus capsules which will help purify the lymphatic system. Continue with cranberry juice detox drink daily as directed above.
Continue to drink diluted cranberry juice but remove psyllium and pectin in the third week. Your bowels kidneys and lymphatic system should be thoroughly cleaned at this time. Stop taking astragalus and slowly introduce lean meats and low-fat dairy products in your diet.

Tips and Warnings

Always combining at least 12 grams of cranberry and water mix with psyllium and pectin. These ingredients will swell in the intestinal tract and you must make sure there is enough liquid to flush them out of the body.
Metamucil is one example of a psyllium fiber product. But try and find a less processed and more natural brand at your local health food store if possible.
DO NOT use cranberry juice cocktail or sweetened cranberry juice product for this detox diet. Make sure you buy pure natural 100% unsweetened cranberry juice.
Never start a new diet or detox diet of any kind without first consulting a qualified physician. All ingredients used in cranberry juice detox is safe and natural but only your doctor can tell you whether it is safe for you and your condition.