How To Stay In Shape During Menopause

How To Stay In Shape During Menopause
How To Stay In Shape During Menopause

With an increase in follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and a decrease in estrogen the recipe is ripe for a woman to get considerable weight around midsection. While appetite increases and moods swings is the best course a strict diet and exercise regimen to counteract weight gain and ultimately depression
You need:. .
Fruits vegetables
Walking and running shoes.

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Walk away from the refrigerator when you’re feeling blue. Sit in a chair so that wind the window to calm you. Realize that with the rapid decline in estrogen your body is craving sweets and carbohydrates and you are experiencing depression. The sweets only give a temporary high and you’re bound to come crashing down within an hour.

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Know your body. Women may go through menopause at any time after 35 years but it is usually part of a woman’s life at the age of 51 or 52. The years before this is called periomenopause where the hormonal changes in your body is causing a penchant for dramatic mood swings and weight gain. If you get your doctor to take blood samples and evaluate hormonal levels-of estrogen FSH and perhaps lutenizing hormone you will at least know what you have. A FSH score of about 14 and above means that the body starts ovarian failure (menopause).

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Indulge natural sweets. It’s amazing how big watermelon flavors. Ditto raisins nuts whole grain bread with raspberry jam and fresh oranges. Eat well.

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Exercise. If you can not afford to join a gym start a regular walking regimen. Walk at least an hour a day six days a week. Listen to music for inspiration. The high you feel while you walk fast especially if you live near the beach or mountains is phenomenal.

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Make peace with yourself. A woman’s body goes through a dramatic terrible process in her 40s and 50s. In a society that values ??youth and fitness see your body change and feel uncomfortable rush of unwanted hormones are rattling. And no matter how developed you are no matter how many degrees you have it’s hard. Women often feel less female” because of the loss of fertility. The more you can accept and embrace change the more you’ll appreciate the life you still have to live-fully

Tips and Warnings

Find an exercise buddy.
Efforts to maintain a slim physique but do not expect to look like you did at 25. If you stay reasonably lean and fit you are ahead of most women. Weight gain is to be expected. Even the men in our lives to realize it!”