How To Protect Your Body

How To Protect Your Body
How To Protect Your Body

Here are a few ways small simple things you can do to help maintain good body fresh and youthful

– 1 –
Get some sleep. You will less likely to develop calcium deposits or heart disease if you get seven hours or more each night. For each additional hour risk decreases about 30 percent.

– 2 –
Drink java. Having a cup of coffee once a day risks mouth and throat cancer by about 50 percent. Also it lowers the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Use skim or low fat milk.

– 3 –
Eat carbohydrates! Yes you heard me correctly. All proteins and no carbohydrates can make you dizzy. if you want to lose weight eat everything in moderation. Your body needs carbohydrates. You do not need to eat white starch to get it either. Whole grains and wheat lots of vegetables are also carbohydrates the healthy figure-friendly ones. So enjoy. It’s brain food!

– 4 –
Drinking water. I know you’ve heard it but seriously you need water. If you are tired give it some flavor by adding crystal Lite or sugar ice tea mix. it is essential. Lack of water can cause headaches and weakness and also dehydration.

– 5 –
Nap. When I was little I would think napping was just for the elderly. As you get older guess what. . . it is. Your body can function much better after a nap. Your immune system heart and memory are all better because of napping. So next time you want to go down for a bit take the 30-minute nap it really makes the body good!