How To Stop Eating When You Are Under Stress

How To Stop Eating When You Are Under Stress
How To Stop Eating When You Are Under Stress

When the going gets tough until you get an order of fries? Many people turn to food when stress levels are high which is a quick formula for weight gain. Stress elevates levels of the hormone cortisol that causes obesity to be deposited around the abdomen. If you want to lose weight and removes the abdominal fat deposits it is important that you get your levels of stress under control. Here are some tips:

– 1 –
Keep a food journal.
Before you eat something force yourself to write down what you eat in your journal. This simple act will lead you to stop and think before stuffing that piece of chocolate cake in his mouth. A food journal gives you a sense of accountability.

– 2 –
Learn more constructive ways to deal with stress.
If you want to stop stress eating it is important to come up with better ways to deal with stress. Take a class or read a book on yoga or meditation and find healthier ways to cope with stress than using food.

– 3 –
Start exercising.
Exercising is one of the most effective stress relievers it. When you feel stress levels rise and you feel compelled to go to the refrigerator take a brisk walk instead.

– 4 –
Use aromatherapy.
When you feel yourself getting tense use the power of aromatherapy for relaxation. Try to smell the soothing scent of lavender essential oil to help calm the overactive nerves. Mix a few drops of lavender oil with water in a spray bottle and spray it into the air when you start to feel tense. Breathe deeply and feel faint. Scent can also reduce your urge to go to the fridge.

– 5 –
Play new age music for relaxation.
Play peaceful new age music in the background as you perform your daily activities. This can reduce the level of anxiety and stop stress eating.
Chew sugarless gum.
When you start to feel stressed out and want to go to the fridge pop a piece sugarless gum instead.