What Is Gamma Oryzanol Used?

What Is Gamma Oryzanol Used?
What Is Gamma Oryzanol Used?

Gamma Oryzanol is a complex substance derived from rice bran oil. Most of the rice bran oil is harvested in Japan where Gamma Oryzanol has been approved for treatment of certain health conditions. In other parts of the world Gamma Oryzanol is mainly used as a dietary supplement
Gamma Oryzanol is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a medical remedy. However 2/1/2016 2005 article on BNET. com notes that rice bran oil lowers cholesterol and Gamma Oryzanol has the same health benefits. People also use Gamma Oryzanol for treatment of stomach problems mild forms of anxiety and menopausal symptoms. Athletes and bodybuilders use Gamma Oryzanol as muscle growth boosters to promote increased physical performance
Gamma Oryzanol consist of two components :. Sterol and ferulic acid. According to Health Library increase Gamma Oryzanol testosterone and growth hormones making it an attractive supplement for competitive athletes. Bodybuilding. com says that Gamma Oryzanol also contains antioxidants that when taken extra doses can help individuals prevent diseases.
As a performance-enhancing substance relieves Gamma Oryzanol muscle soreness increase strength reduce body fat and faster recovery time for people who lift weights or play sports.