How To Stimulate Testosterone

How To Stimulate Testosterone
How To Stimulate Testosterone

Testosterone is not only useful for tackling football and prize fighters. It is the king of hormones in men mainly responsible for many things in the body that regulates sex drive maintaining male characteristics such as physical strength and body shape governing sperm production and quality as well as shaping personality traits from athletes to poets. It also plays a role in assertiveness and creativity-two valuable qualities. Stimulate it is easy

– 1 –
Diet appropriate stimulating testosterone production. Protein is good but should be coupled with high carbohydrate and low fat intake too. These vitamins should be part of the diet: vitamin A B6 vitamin C boron zinc and branched-chain amino acids whether taken through foods or supplements. Also get good fats in the diet meaning monounsaturated and omega-3 and 6 polyunsaturated fats.

– 2 –
Train in the morning. Testosterone levels are generally higher in the morning according to studies. Testosterone is also increased after a resistance training workout or weightlifting because muscle mass being worked releases testosterone.

– 3 –
Do multi-joint exercises when working with weights like squats and hang cleaning. It releases more testosterone than isolated movements. Also have a short rest between sets even if it means reducing the amount of weight-rest shall be approximately one minute. It’s a Catch 22 because higher weight also leads to more testosterone then hold the weight up as high as possible with short rest periods. Remember time during voltage must be between 40 and 70 seconds.

– 4 –
Maintain a healthy weight. As people get older and more obese testosterone levels begin to drop. Exercise to gain lean muscle and fat loss.

– 5 –
Use healthy alternatives for testosterone injections gels or other substitutes. To build muscle using creatine monohydrate. For vitality and energy use multivitamins and libido use any doctor recommends.
Practice self-control and stress management. Stress causes cortisol production and leads to low testosterone production. Hypertension of stress and other reasons also lowers testosterone.

Tips and Warnings

Testosterone spikes after heavy workouts so take plenty of protein afterwards to exploit.
Avoid drinking in excess. Testosterone is lower in drinkers than it is in non-drinkers.
Some possible side effects of testosterone Boosters-aggressiveness suicidal behavior Alzheimer’s disease high blood pressure kidney damage prostate cancer acne hair loss and more. Testosterone boosters help build muscle faster and win the race but other than that it’s bad news if not suffering from very low levels of testosterone in that case consult a doctor before using them.
Avoid medications not essential for personal health. Lots of medication lowers hormone production which often leads to low sex drive.