How Many Fish Oil Pills Should Be Taken?

How Many Fish Oil Pills Should Be Taken?
How Many Fish Oil Pills Should Be Taken?

Fish oil is an excellent source of omega-3 and other beneficial nutrients. It is ideal as a supplement for people who do not normally eat fish in their diet or who do not get enough of the nutrients that fish oil can provide
Fish oil supplements contain oils from the flesh of the skin with cold water fish such as mackerel salmon and herring.
daily Dosage
The usual recommended dose of fish oil supplements per day is 1 000 mg.
Omega-3 fatty acids is the active ingredient in fish oil supplements.
symptom Relief
Fish oil has been associated with somewhat relieved symptoms of Alzheimer’s anxiety depression and even heart disease.
side Effects
Fishy odor on the breath upset stomach and thinning the blood have been associated with doses of fish oil significantly higher than the recommended dose over a longer period.
Fish oil may contain mercury. Buy organic versions will reduce the likelihood of intake of mercury from fish oil pills. Talk to your doctor before starting a new diet nutrition or supplement plan. Do not take fish oil pills if you are allergic to fish.