Drink To Boost Your Metabolism

Drink To Boost Your Metabolism
Drink To Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is the process by which the body transforms all the calories you take in from food and drink into the energy your body needs to maintain your life. Taken in combination with weight training and cardio exercise a healthy diet enough sleep and effective stress management these are some drinks that claim to help you increase your metabolism for more effective weight loss
Enviga is a low-calorie energy drink that promises to improve your metabolism and increases the body’s ability to burn excess fat calories. The product website says Three cans per day Enviga has been shown to increase calorie burning by 60-100 calories in healthy normal weight 18-35 year olds. Replacing sugar-laden soda and juice with Enviga can lower your calorie intake while increasing your metabolism.
Gogi Berry Juice
Gogi berry juice increases metabolism by helping the body to convert food into usable energy more efficiently rather than storing it as fat. It encourages the production of muscle mass with potassium and amino acids and reduces cortisol levels which discourages fat storage. In addition to its metabolism-boosting effect Gogi berry juice full of antioxidants. It also claims to boost energy mood and libido.
Green Tea
Green tea boosts metabolism through its high concentration of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and polyphenols which have thermogenic properties. The metabolism increasing power is not affected by its caffeine content so those who prefer caffeine-free tea will not lose its powerful benefits. Green tea can be enjoyed hot or cold as a drink or in concentrated form in supplement capsules.
Mate Tea
Mate tea (mah-tay) is grown in South America and has been used there for many years in traditional medicine as a stimulant appetite suppressant and immune system booster. Mate boosts metabolism by creating a thermogenic or fat-burning effect in the body. Its stimulating qualities not cause jitters rather they inhibit sleep like caffeine can. It also improves mental alertness and helps to relieve stress. Mate can be enjoyed either hot or cold as drinks.
Celsius is a beverage that is commercially available in 12 oz. boxes that promise to burn up to 100 calories. Celsius contains ingredients like EGCG Ginger Calcium caffeine chromium B vitamins and vitamin C which possesses thermogenic properties which improves metabolism and burns calories during three hours after drinking. It comes in lemon / lime ginger ale and cola flavors.
Guarana is a plant grown in Brazil that produces a small red fruit with black seeds. It contains more caffeine than coffee beans making it a powerful stimulant that increases mental fatigue endurance suppresses appetite and increases the body’s fat-burning ability. Guarana is provided as an energy drink and in capsule form as a weight loss supplement.

Guarana is not well tolerated by those who are sensitive to caffeine and should not be taken by people with heart problems hypertension epilepsy anxiety and other medical problems. Guarana may also have adverse interactions with some prescription medications.
Drinking more water can also increase your metabolism by improving kidney function and helps the liver to function more efficiently by burning excess fat. Sometimes you feel you perceive to be hungry are actually thirsty drinking more water can help you reduce your calorie intake if you drink it when you are thirsty rather than grabbing another snack.”