Planning A Nutrition Meal For Pre-k

Planning A Nutrition Meal For Pre-k
Planning A Nutrition Meal For Pre-k

Hearty food is necessary for all children. It is a fact that growing bodies need proper vitamins and minerals to develop. The hard part would be to get children to eat foods that are good for them. Younger children tend to be more picky than older children so planning meals for young children can be difficult. Pre-K students need simple healthy foods that are appealing to them visually
After Food Pyramid Guide
According MyPyramid. gov a normal five-year old which have 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity during the day requiring 5 grams of corn 11/2 cups of fruit 11/2 cups of vegetables 2 cups of milk and 4 grams of meat and beans every day. Remember this every day not in one meal. Use this measurement as a guide to break up portions throughout the day.

Usually consists of a meal one meat one to two servings of vegetables fruit milk and a type of grain. For lunch you can serve chicken green beans mashed potatoes fruit salad a whole grain roll and milk.
Choosing Fun Foods
Pre-K students can be picky eaters. But all hope is not lost. Get them the nutrients they need can be easy if you choose the right kind of food to serve. Most kids like chicken nuggets fish sticks scrambled eggs mac-n-cheese rice yogurt and chocolate milk.

FamilyFun. com has some great suggestions for kid-friendly recipes. It includes items such as ABC soup Rainbow Kebobs Spicy Popcorn and Soccer Ball submarines. Not only do the names sound appealing but they look appealing too. If you make food look fun children will be more likely to eat it.