How To Strengthen A Rotator Cuff With Elastic Exercises

How To Strengthen A Rotator Cuff With Elastic Exercises
How To Strengthen A Rotator Cuff With Elastic Exercises

One of the dangers of weight training swimming tennis and many other popular physical activities a rotator cuff injury. These injuries can prevent you raise your arms lifting objects and can also be caused by the very weightlifting exercises designed to prevent them. Strengthen and consolidate your rotator cuff from damage by doing exercises with an elastic band exercise. You can increase the resistance of the band without risking your cuff by forcing yourself to lift a weight that can be too heavy. These simple exercises can save you months of painful rehabilitation and forced inactivity
You need:.
Elastic exercise band

– 1 –
Put one foot on top. . of one end of the elastic. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart. Do not lock your knees.

– 2 –
Keep the other handle in your hand at chest level. The arm should be parallel to the floor and the elbow will form a right angle.

– 3 –
Raise your hand before your arm is parallel to your body. You should not use high resistance in these exercises. This is strength training and you will accomplish more by high number of repetitions than you will exert your muscles. In fact you can even damage to the rotator cuff if you do resistance too big.

– 4 –
Back arm to its original position. Your movements should be steady and controlled. Jerky movements can cause severe muscle damage and prevent you derives any benefit from these exercises.

– 5 –
Repeat the exercise as many times as you want. Because this is a strength training rather than a sculpture or building move you must do at least three sets of 20 repetitions with low resistance.

Tips and Warnings

Contact your doctor if you feel pain in the shoulder area while doing this exercise.