How To Eat To Lose Weight Today

How To Eat To Lose Weight Today
How To Eat To Lose Weight Today

You do not have to starve yourself to lose weight. Here’s how to eat to lose weight and feel great
You need:.
glucose meter
. Testing strips.
Paper or notebook.
Pen or pencil.
Low carb foods.

– 1 –
The first step is to get a diary and keep track of how many calories you every single day. Make sure you do not eat more than 1500 calories if you weigh 200 pounds or less. If you weigh more your can eat a little more.

– 2 –
The next step is to eat every 2-3 hours. This will help keep your blood sugar and energy levels constant so you will not have major cravings for foods that you probably should not eat. This also helps you avoid unexpected snack cravings that can mess up 1500 calorie diet.

– 3 –
The next step is to make sure you eat protein with every meal. An easy way is to grill a bunch of chicken breast and chopping them up. Then you can just add them to your salads or marinate them.

– 4 –
Be sure to watch out for snacks. Since you eat every few hours you should have minimal need to snack. Before eating think about whether you really need to eat. In addition if you still want a snack try to eat a fruit or a rice cake.

– 5 –
Make sure to drink water frequently. This will help keep you fill hydrated and your metabolism up to help you loose weight. If you hate water think about trying calorie free drinks like tea.

Tips and Warnings

Enter the maximum daily calorie intake
Eat often
Eat protein
Watch snacks
drink water